Meet Robin Ford Wallace: The woman behind "The Dade Planet"

Robin Ford Wallace wrote for many years for Dade County’s print newspaper and can’t seem to stop! She started The Dade Planet as a blog in 2014, then resuscitated in February 2016 as a full-scale online newspaper. A graduate of the University of Georgia, she has been every kind of writer except a well-paid one, and she made her writing debut on the local scene with her quirky feature, Bob’s Little Acre: A Gardening Column. Sort of.


The Dade Planet specializes in local (Dade County, Ga.) news and features, but Robin welcomes a wide variety of contributions from other writers. Email her at:

Jerry Wallace: Artist and Designer of the Dade Planet's Logo

Jerry is an artist and animator, and not coincidentally, the spouse of "the woman behind The Planet'. As a result he is frequently conscripted by her (sometimes kicking and screaming) into tasks that make use of his talents. At other times he can be found crawling into and out of dark holes in the ground, and although not a musician, in recent years he has not let that stop him, and enjoys banging on the skins of dead animals and making strange noises through hollow sticks, usually to the annoyance of all in audible range.

Katie Bien: Website Designer and Advertising Sales


A farmer by day, Katie enjoys her daily chores caring for her 800 free range chickens.  Selling organic eggs and veggies is one way Katie likes to spend her days, but she also enjoys webdesign.  She likes to be creative on the computer with graphic and web design.


If you need help building your website, designing a flyer, or marketing on social media, Katie is the gal to call.

You can reach her at

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