New 2017Advertising Rates! Get'em While They Last!

                                                                               One Week      One Month    Six Months


Good-sized ad, big enough for image                    $15                  $50               $180

and legible print, our old 1/8 page ad.

Placed in right-hand column on front and 

jump (single-post) pages.


Big honkin' ad, bigger than our

old 1/3-page ad. Makes a statement!                      $50                   $170             $440             

Fits at right top of front page, bottom of

articles on jump (single-post) pages. 

Big-Bottom, We Got 'Em

Basically HUGE, for when you really have

something to advertise NOW. Fits at bottom         $100                 $350             Ask

of front and jump (single-post) pages. Limited

availability; we can only fit one at a time.  

Thumbnail (Rotating)

Little but effective, our thriftiest bargain.

Business-card sized, two-sided animation.

Put your contact info on one side, sales                                          $25             $120          

pitch on the other. Sides alternate on our

site, making for an eye-catching display.

We can fit these anywhere, and we promise

to make yours prominent.


Ad sizes displayed below. Ads are "clickable" and may be linked to your website. Submit your own ad or have The Planet build a handsome and clever one for you. If you want a two-sided rotating ad we'll cheerfully do that for an additional fee. (Ask about rates.) Ads will appear as prominently as feasible; act now for best placement. Ad weeks run from Wednesday to Tuesday. 

For more information, please call Robin Ford Wallace at (423) 364-4386, or email



Thumbnail (Two-sided, rotating)

6 months $120
12 months $200
1 month $25


6 months $180
12 months $240
1 month $50



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