​What is a newspaper?

How the hell should I know? I’m a (bleep)ing German shepherd.


Sorry for the surly tone! I contracted this skin condition where I spent most of the fall with my nose buried deeply in my fur, shredding black tufts onto the ca...

Ask Rosie 

Advice by Roosevelt Ford Wallace

Dear Rosie:

We are a small city government at the center of the universe. Recently we’ve been meeting in secret to change the city charter. We know we’re supposed to do everything in the open but hey! This was important. We didn...

Editor's Note; Rifling through the files The Planet found this vintage Bob's little Acre and could not resist rerunning it because it was Rosie's writing debut. Readers who enjoy her work can find more by clicking Columns, then Advice, in the Navigator.


The Dade County Animal Hospital's annual reduced-rate traveling rabies clinic got a lot of takers, especially at its Dade Middle School Ag Building stop.

     The Dade County Animal Hospital performed its annual traveling rabies clinic on Saturday, vaccinating dogs, and...

Dear Rosie:
        I am a fearful person and it’s ruining my life!  I’m afraid of people so I’ve never had the nerve to ask a girl out or hit my boss up for a raise. Once I got invited to a party but I didn’t go because it was at night and I’m scared of the dark. Anyw...

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