Patrick Cannon Trial Postponed — Again

Patrick Cannon, the two-term Dade County sheriff voted out in 2012 and since indicted on multiple theft and violation-of-oath charges, will not be tried in Dade Superior Court this spring term. The trial, scheduled for this week, has been continued—that's legalese for "postponed"—until the Dade Superior Court's October term.

Cannon's trial had originally been slated for the Superior Court's fall term last year, at which point his attorney, Christopher Townley, filed a request to move it out of the county entirely, arguing that the defendant's high profile in Dade would make finding an impartial jury problematic. Now the district attorney's office is not talking but Dade County Executive Ted Rumley opined that that's what happening. "They're trying to locate a judicial circuit that will take it," he said.

Rumley was quick to disclaim that his information was strictly grapevine, but added that that's what usually happens in a case like this, where the accused is a public official known well by the potential jury pool. "You're not going to find a person in Dade County who doesn't know something about it, hasn't seen it in the newspaper or something," he said.

If the Cannon trial does in fact take place outside the county, that might be a good week to plan a crime in Dade. The state's list of witnesses against Cannon includes an impressive percentage of the current Dade's Sheriff's Department staff, and many of the same names are included on the defense list, as well.

The Planet will continue following this case.

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