Wildwood Stolen Items Recovered in Catoosa

Last week, Dade County Detectives recovered numerous items valued at several thousand dollars that had been stolen in a burglary at the Cummings property on Pope Creek Road in early April.

Approximately 24 paintings along with antique furniture and electronics were recovered at the Cloud Springs Lodge in Catoosa County. Bryan Duke, who occupied one of the motel rooms, was subsequently arrested by the Fort Oglethorpe Police Department in a stolen vehicle. The vehicle had been reported stolen from Hamilton County, Tennessee.

Items stolen during the Pope Creek Road burglary were found in the vehicle, and further investigation by the Dade and Fort O agencies led officers to the discovery of other stolen items in the room at the Cloud Springs Lodge.

Duke, 48, of 5335 Creek Road, Wildwood, was charged with burglary and faces various other charges from Walker, Catoosa and Hamilton counties. He is now awaiting transfer to the jurisdictions listed, including Dade, to answer his criminal charges.

Dade Sheriff Ray Cross said he is proud of the work of his investigators and is pleased that all agencies involved were able to put a halt to Duke’s crime spree.


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