Trenton Farmers Market Opens on The Square May 14

Sarah and Gilbert Moore sell at the Trenton Farmers Market in this vintage shot by John Shober.

This year's Trenton Farmers Market will open on Saturday, May 14, in the Trenton town square. Customers may shop from 9 a.m.-noon.

For prospective vendors: It is very easy to become a vendor, so spread the word to anyone who has a garden this year who wants to sell their surplus. Local produce and crafts are encouraged, but vendors are also welcome to resell.

Vendor setup starts at 8 a.m. each Saturday, and canopies are provided by the market. There is no fee for first-time vendors and never a booth fee. Returning vendors will pay 10 percent of sales up to a $5 maximum. Obtain an application on any market day, contact John Shober (423-987-0039) or Keith Bien (423-987-1389), or just show up on any Saturday with your stuff and sell that day. For prospective customers, please come! Our local farmers are working hard for this community and they need your support. You won't get a better opportunity to find fresh, healthy foods. Local produce that is picked less than a day before it is at market and other homemade food products sold right here in the community are the building blocks to a more secure and healthy food system and the roots of a strong local economy.

Research has shown that one dollar spent in a local business is worth seven spent in a chain whose corporate office may be many states away. Each time that dollar is spent, bouncing from one place to another across the county, it creates a positive ripple effect. The impact of a dollar spent locally — versus one that is shipped out of the county never to be seen again — is indeed a powerful thing.

There are many good reasons to support your local Farmer's Markets so come on out to the Trenton Farmer's Market on Saturday May 14 from 9 a.m. 'till noon!

Anyone interested in being on the Trenton Farmers Market board of directors and helping with the 2016 season, please contact John or Keith at the numbers provided above.


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