The Blessing, Or Something, Of The Animals ...

The Dade County Animal Hospital's annual reduced-rate traveling rabies clinic got a lot of takers, especially at its Dade Middle School Ag Building stop.

The Dade County Animal Hospital performed its annual traveling rabies clinic on Saturday, vaccinating dogs, and a few cats, from one end of the county to another. One of them was me.

I was very “good.” There is nothing fun about waiting in a long line of crotch-licking inbreeds from every nook, cranny and God-forsaken holler in Dade County, any one of which might turn out to be savage and bite you, only to be skewered with a gleaming hypodermic when you get to the end. But I have to say it beat hell out of the vet's office where besides the smells of medicine and fear there is always something cold and metal that somebody feels called upon to stick up your butt. Plus you anyway got to be outside.

My brother Anali was not good at all. Oh, he had his usual who-me look plastered across his prim coyote face but whenever no one was looking he stuck his sharp little nose into somebody's parts. I saw him.

The clinic offers cut-rate rabies vaccinations -- $12 a jab -- and at the Ag Building stop in Trenton there was a line winding around the parking lot to take advantage of the deal. There were big dogs and little dogs, old dogs and puppies, a massive white sheepdog that in fact might have been a sheep, Bassetts and beagles and two tiny yapping Chihuahuas in a baby carriage.

Dr. Nick Weldon had no estimate of how many had showed up so far, but he said that last year 300 animals had been vaccinated and that he and his staff had arrived prepared for 400 this year.

My human, the Alpo Lady, said the scene reminded her of the Pope blessing the animals. But no one stuck a needle in her left thigh so what would she know?

-- Roosevelt Ford Wallace

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