Dade Deputies Bust Wooten For Meth

The Dade County Sheriff's Department reports that on Friday May 13, Dade deputies went to 154 Gass Drive on Sand Mountain in response to a resident's call "inquiring about civil matters." The Department's Lt. Hailey Smith-Geddie explained that callers "inquiring about civil matters" could mean Guns, drugs and paraphernalia seized in Sand Mountain bust.

they are asking for police help with property disputes, child custody or divorce, among other issues, but she declined to be more specific in this case.

While at the scene, deputies noticed an array of drug-related objects in plain view within the residence. The resident, Charlie Wooten, was detained while the Lookout Mountain Drug Task Force secured a search warrant for the residence.

Upon receipt of the search warrant, officers recovered a stolen firearm as well as methamphetamine and marijuana. In addition, multiple schedule-IV pills were discovered along with drug-related objects such as marijuana and methamphetamine pipes. "Schedule-IV" drugs are those with medically-accepted uses but with the potential to lead to addiction, though less subject to abuse than schedule-I, -II or -III drugs. Tramadol is a schedule-IV drug.

Wooten was transported to a hospital, Lt. Smith-Geddie said at his own request, but she would not say for what complaint or injury. The Drug Task Force has secured a warrant for his arrest.

"We are still pushing forward," said Sheriff Ray Cross of the arrest. "The pressure is on these drug dealers and users and we will catch up to them."

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