What Should Trenton Choose As A Logo?

At the Trenton City Commission’s regular monthly meeting Monday night, Mayor Alex Case asked the assembled commissioners to consider this list of options for a city logo.

“I like Study 1 because you’ve got red, white and blue with gold trim,” said the mayor.

Case had in May hired Trenton marketing firm Brikwoo to come up with a logo and website for the town, getting approval then from the city commission for Brikwoo’s $1848 fee, plus a $60 monthly fee to maintain the website. The above images are the suggestions Brikwoo submitted to the mayor.

Case said the city logo, when chosen, would be applied to Trenton vehicles, forms, website pages, shirts and other municipal property to help “brand” the town.

“Its main focus is, ‘Come see us, see what we’ve got,’ ” said the mayor.

Two of the options feature local scenery, two the historic but now abandoned Dade County courthouse—coincidentally, Donna Street of the courthouse restoration committee appeared before city commissioners that very night to ask their help in financing needed renovation—and two the chainsaw-carved Indian of Jenkins Park.

The Jenkins Park Indian has probably come to symbolize Trenton as much as any other image—please note his understated yet eloquent presence in the masthead of a certain online Dade newspaper—but when the mayor asked commissioners if they knew his history, the only response was that it was believed he was carved from a tree that had grown on the Jenkins Park property.

Mayor Case welcomes public input on the Trenton logo. You may contact City Hall at (706) 657-4167.

The Dade Planet welcomes public input on the Jenkins Park Indian. Local historians, please submit your lore to news@dadeplanet.com.

The mayor and city commissioners will consider the logo suggestions and discuss the matter at their next regular meeting at 6 p.m. on Aug. 8 at City Hall.

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