Bahn Mi Addicts Rejoice! Vietnamese Restaurant Opens in Lookout Valley

Editor's note: On Sunday, The Dade Planet received the followin' fascinatin' news item from alert reader Jim Sparks:

My wife and I stopped by the Walmart complex this afternoon, and we discovered that Café & Toast is finally open! We hope to dine there soon. If the banh mi is anything like the photo, then OMG!

They have some interesting (and probably authentic) combinations of things, such as “Set A: $5.50.” That gets you hot or cold coffee or tea, two eggs (the photo shows what appears to be hard-boiled) and peanut butter toast. The banh mi is also $5.50 and comes with coffee or tea or soft drink. Meanwhile, two chicken wings with fish sauce go for $7.50. There’s also lots of juice and smoothies (plus other entrees).

There’s a website, all in Vietnamese, except the Lookout Valley address, etc. So I’m thinking they also have (or had) a place in Vietnam or Singapore. Check out

As they say in Saigon, Yeeeehawww, y'all!

The Planet forthwith checked out the website and purloined these pix for the edification of its readers. The top

one is of the newly-opened Cafe & Toast at 3536 Cummings Highway, Suite 180 (in the Lookout Valley Walmart shopping center). The one at right is, presumably, of the mother restaurant in Vietnam.

The Planet promises a review of Cafe & Toast as soon as can be feasibly arranged. (Monday is the only day it is listed as closed. Otherwise, hours are from 10 a.m.-9 p.m.) Meanwhile, if readers need a refresher on what a banh mi is, please see the article in this newspaper "Banh Mi On Me" under the Chef Guevara heading.

Thanks to Jim Sparks for the tip! Sparks, incidentally, says he ate at a Nashville restaurant that served a cross between a banh mi and a New Orleans po-boy sandwich. What was it called? (Do you hear this coming?) A Po Mi, of course!

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