Dade Crime Roundup Aug. 29

The Dade County Sheriff's Department announced Monday that its investigators, in conjunction with those of the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit Drug Task Force, went on Aug. 19 to 501 Fuller Road in Trenton, acting on a tip. There the investigators found not only methamphetamine in plain sight but one Jason Lee Holland, whom they knew to be wanted in more than one state.

Obtaining a search warrant, the investigators then found on the premises a firearm they subsequently identified as one that had been stolen during an armed robbery in Marion County, Tennessee, the week before. They also recovered a police bulletproof vest that had been used in that robbery. Multiple other weapons (right) and narcotics were also found.

Holland, 37, of Flat Rock, Ala., was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine and receipt, possession or transfer of firearm by convicted felon. Also arrested were Rodney Glenn Stallings, 41, and Mary Angela Bell, 34, both of the Fuller Road address in Trenton. They were charged with possession of methamphetamine and possession of marijuana, less than one ounce.

Here are some other recent Dade County arrests announced by the Sheriff's Department:

Anthony Labron Hester, 29, of Rising Fawn, was arrested by Trenton Police Officer E. Hartline on Sunday, Aug. 28, for possession of methamphetamine, and detained in jail.

Tristan Dallon Lee Ferguson, 17, of Flat Rock, was arrested on Aug. 20 for possession of marijuana, less than one ounce, and released on $1000 bond.

Roger Daylin Marr, 18, also of Flat Rock, was also arrested on Aug. 20 for possession of marijuana, less than one ounce, and also released on $1000 bond.

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