Fox Mountain Wildfire: An Inside View

Firefighters are digging in at the Fox Mountain wildfire with the bleak realization that it isn't going away any time soon, and neither are they.

Photo by Julie Hailey Clark

The U.S. Forest Service personnel on the scene have now been sent elsewhere, according to the Georgia Forestry Commission's Seth Hawkins, leaving GFC and its sister organization from across the border, the Alabama Forestry Commission, to keep plugging away at the 1726-acre fire over the long haul. Hawkins did say the two organizations are still receiving some help from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

Photo by Ted Rumley II

Hawkins repeated earlier predictions that the fire will persist despite all efforts until Ma Nature sees fits to quench it with substantial rainfall. And "spotty showers," as current weather forecasts call for, aren't going to do the job, said Hawkins. "We're going to need a good heavy, steady rain," he said.

Photo by Ted Rumley II

Currently, he said, firefighters are trying to keep the fire under control by strategic burning-off of areas on the mountain's south side, when and if the weather cooperates. "It's all about smoke management," Hawkins explained. The firefighters' efforts to burn off fuel before it can help the wildfire to spread are limited by their reluctance to create smoke hazards on I-59 and other nearby roads.

Photo by Ted Rumley II

As GFC and AFC prepare to move into the third week in what is expected to be a wildfire season of historic proportions, the community prepares to support them. Rising Fawn United Methodist Church will feed the firefighters on Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m. The Planet invites other community groups to announce their own efforts in this place.

Photo by Ted Rumley II

Meanwhile, The Planet is proud to display these inside shots from the wildfire, all taken by GFC firefighter Ted Rumley II except for the topmost photo by Julie Hailey Clark, and shared here by permission of the Georgia Forestry Commission.

Photo by Ted Rumley II

Photo by Ted Rumley II

Photo by Ted Rumley II

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