Correction: Bradford Says Structure That Burned Was House Under Construction

Whoops! District 4 Commissioner Allan called in to report that the structure burned this morning in his Lookout Mountain district was not, as he earlier said, an abandoned hunting cabin, but a new home under construction.

Local firefighters had been unable to save the structure on Dale Trail off State Line Road, which Bradford said caught fire as a result of the wildfire now raging on the mountain, and Bradford, who had been at a funeral or in meetings all day, had misunderstood which structure had been consumed.

That area on the mountain is the site of road closures and congestion due to the massive wildfire and firefighters' efforts to protect houses, and authorities are discouraging the public--and press--from complicating matters by visiting the scene to rubberneck.

In any case Commissioner Bradfor, and The Planet, apologize for any inconvenience caused by the error.

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