Drunken Joyride in Stolen Explorer Ends In Gunfire

An Indiana man faces a string of serious charges after his drunken spree in a stolen Ford Saturday night ended in gunfire as a Wildwood resident defended his home.

Daniel Paul-Grady Snyder, 27, of Logansport, Ind., was arrested after the stolen 2002 Ford Explorer he was allegedly driving crash-landed at a Candy Lane residence. When the homeowner came out to confront him, says the Dade County Sheriff's Department, Snyder attempted to strike the homewoner with his vehicle.

At that point, the homeowner opened fire with a semiautomatic handgun. Lt. Hailey Smith-Geddie at the Dade Sheriff's Department reported on Monday that no one was hurt. However, Snyder then allegedly crashed into two parked cars and a tree as he attempted to flee in the Explorer. He is charged with "laying drag or reckless conduct w/auto," in his initial attempt to leave the scene.

Another charge Snyder faces is "pedestrian under the influence," stemming, apparently, from a subsequent attempt on foot.

Georgia State Trooper Joe Geddie was the arresting officer. Dade's Lt. Smith-Geddie explained that due to the seriousness of the incident Dade officers had called in the Georgia State Patrol to work the crime scene.

Snyder is also charged with: aggravated assault; criminal trespass; felony theft by taking; DUI; open container; driving wrong side of the road; and defective tires.

Lt. Smith-Geddie in a press release Tuesday afternoon provided the additional detail that the vehicle belonged to one of Snyder's co-workers and had been stolen from a party they had attended that night. "Mr. Snyder is said to work in Dade County," said the press release.

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