911 Director Alex Case Shows Off New Outdoor Warning System

Folks, here is a picture of the new outdoor weather warning siren. We did some testing today and had a few issues and are working it out. It gave out the wrong message during the test to evacuate, which was wrong. It was a issue by the installer. He accidentally put the wrong message number in the system.

The system will be activated only if we have a tornado warning in the area of the city of Trenton. It will go off automatically if the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning. This system is designed to alert people during outdoor activities, such as Dade Elementary, Dade Middle School, Dade High School, City of Trenton park and anyone outside in the city.

The Trenton weather warning siren can be heard for a one-mile radius from downtown.

The goal is apply for more grants and to have one of these in each of our communities throughout the county that has outdoor activities, like the Dade County recreation facility, Davis School, Cloudland Canyon State Park, and the New Salem, South Dade, New Home, West Brow and North Dade communities.

The grant Dade County received this system from was from the 2013 winter storms when we had damage and applied for mitigation funding to approve our notification for outdoor activities. This will be a great asset to citizens of and visitors to Dade County.

--Alex Case, Director

Dade County Emergency Services

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