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Letter to the Editor

Thank you to all the local merchants, shoppers and those who participated in Dade Discount Days this year! What a huge success!!!

First, thank you to the committee who made it all happen: Barbie Evans, Matisha Barajas, Levi Wallin, Dex Wooten, Cheryl Painter, Will Garrett, Evan Stone and Daniel Case, who made up the GDBOA committee that made it happen!

Secondly, thank you to the participating retailers and sponsors, without whom it would have never been successful: Ingles, Food City, Food Outlet, Gross Furniture, Citizens Bank & Trust, The Vapory, Case Hardware, DC Chiropractic Center, Bottom Dollar Tools, H&R Block, Advanced Auto, Bethune's Garden Center, Randy's Pawn Shop, TriTex Services, Books Never Ending, Benchmark Physical Therapy, Impressions Hair Salon, The Lily Pad, Morning Star Cleaners, The Quilter's Garden, WKN Radio/Television, Chad McDill DC, BBS Wholesale, Los 3 Amigos, JB's Variety Store, Guthrie's Restaurant, Canyon Grill, Sundog Grooming & Boarding, Jeannie's Pet Grooming, Peddlers on Main, Thatchers BBQ, Handyman Salvage, Cabins to Castles, Factory Connection, Sweet Pickin's, Southern Wholesale Carpet, Jones Fast Lube, River Run Logistics, Inc., Matt Mayfield State Farm, Moore Funeral Home, Allstate Insurance, Lawson Construction, Lookout Mountain Flight Park, NWG Joint Development Authority, ALFA Insurance, Let It Shine Cleaning and MaDex Associates Inc.

In all, we gave away over $7,000 in free food, clothing, toys, groceries, gasoline, hair cuts, Chiropractic services and hardware! An amazing joint effort by local businesses to promote SHOP AT HOME!

Special congratulation to all the winners of 35 gift packs, and to all our grand prize winners: Ana Norris, Matthew Veal, Beverly Gilbert, Cindy Tanner, Amanda Workman, Valicia Mason, Drew Davil, River Wooten and Tara Horton.

And finally, THANK YOU to the 12,000 plus people who registered to win during Dade Discount Days, making this the best event yet, and the 600+ plus who turned out for the Dade Business Expo back on December 10. It is truly a sign of community support when that many people turn out to support such an event, and from the Greater Dade Business Owners Association, the Chamber of Commerce and all the local business owners, WE THANK YOU, and we look forward to an even bigger and better event next year!!!!

Nathan Wooten

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