Temporal Transect 2 Trucked From Trenton

From left, Brian Blancett, Osama Nakhleh, Jerry Wallace and Greg Foster move Wallace's sculpture, "Temporal Transect 2," from the Highway 11 North site where it has stood since December 2012. TT2 will now reside in a tree circle in Deerhead Cove.

For those of us who have lived here at the center of the universe long enough to hate change of any kind, Thursday was a black day as a landmark on Highway 11 North was loaded onto a flatbed and hauled into oblivion.

Jerry Wallace's quirky concrete-and-found-object sculpture,"Temporal Transect 2," was installed on Highway 11 just north of the old Dade County courthouse and just south of Trenton City Hall as part of a Trenton Arts Council public art initiative. That was in December 2012, and then-Mayor Anthony Emanuel posed with the sculpture at its unveiling.

In those years, the city paid a nominal fee for the installation of sculpture projects, and the piece was then on loan to Trenton for six months. For TT2, those six months expired some time ago. Meanwhile, the city has long ended any funding for TAC projects,TAC powerhouse Mary Petruska died a tragic early death from cancer, and the site where TT2 was installed, then leased by a trucking company, was occupied by a concern that sells prefab storage buildings.

So TT2 was surrounded by miniature plastic barns, and during Antique Alley flea marketers draped their faded wares over its rough, found-object-embedded surface with its signature prehistoric-style handprint. Wallace said it was time for the sculpture to go.The Dade Planet objected strenuously, but does anybody listen to The Planet?

If you miss seeing TT2 as you drive by, don't tell The Planet about it. Tell Jerry Wallace!

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