Post-Holiday Arrest, Accident and Incident Roundup

The Dade County Sheriff's Department confirmed Wednesday it had as yet made no arrests in a Christmas Eve holdup of the Citgo on Highway 136 West on Sand Mountain. Holiday arrests made by the Department included John Thomas Carmichael on Dec. 27 for criminal trespass and simple assault; Joel Wayne Foshee on Dec. 21 for shoplifting; several parole violations, disorderly conducts and an illegal lane change with subsequent methamphetamine charges. Trenton City Hall confirmed that Trenton Fire Chief had been successfully treated following injuries he received to his arm fighting a New Year's Eve fire at 819 Memorial Lane. Kyzer did not return phone calls but The Planet was assured he was recovering satisfactorily. The Memorial house was not saved, but its occupants survived the blaze.

An apartment fire last week at Lookout Pointe in Trenton was described by a workman mopping up the damage as no big deal--"a little bit of smoke in the kitchen" that would be as good as new when he finished, said the workman from a disaster cleanup firm in Atlanta.

Vivien Hester And finally, here are details from the Tennessee Highway Patrol of the tragic Jan. 3 automobile accident that claimed the life of Vivien Hester, Dade's longtime Cave and Rescue Squad captain. Ms. Hester, 64, was driving her 2005 Toyota Camry on Interstate 24 eastbound near mile marker 178 at about 8:48 Tuesday morning when she lost control of the vehicle due to wet road conditions and struck a TDOT (Tennessee Department of Transportation) truck stopped by the roadway. The TDOT truck was a 2016 Ford 450 and was unoccupied--its driver had left it there while assisting at the scene of an earlier, separate accident. Ms. Hester, who was wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident, was taken to a local hospital where she died of her injuries. Her family has been notified.

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