Owner of Burned Sunset House Had Been in Hot Water With Feds

The man whose $600,000 brow-lot house on South Sunset atop Lookout burned to the ground on Wednesday had recently served two months of jail time after getting into hot water with the Feds about false statements in passport applications.

According to a press release last monthfrom the U.S. Depart of Justice, "Anastasios Katzopoulos a/k/a Anastasios Alexander Hatzopoulos, 38, of Rising Fawn, Georgia, and formerly of North Syracuse, New York, was sentenced yesterday [Dec. 8, 2016] to time served, following two months of incarceration, after pleading guilty to making false statements in a passport application and making false statements to the Social Security Administration."

The press release goes on to detail: "As part of his guilty plea Katzopoulos admitted that he was issued a social security number in 1993 and a United States passport in 2002. He further admitted that in June 2012, while living in North Syracuse, New York, he applied for and was issued a new social security number after stating that he had never previously been issued a social security number. The following month, Katzopoulos used the second social security number to apply for a United States passport, falsely stating that he had never previously applied for or been issued a United States passport.

"In August 2016, Katzopoulos pled guilty before United States District Judge David N. Hurd. In addition to the two-month period of incarceration already served, Katzopoulos was sentenced to a term of supervised release for three (3) years, to complete eighty (80) hours of community service, and to pay a fine in the amount of $10,000."

An Anastasios Hatzopoulos of the same age is listed with bailbondcity.com, a resource for bondsmen, as having been released in 2011 from a Florida prison where he served a year and a half for insurance fraud.

Dade tax records show Hatzopoulos bought the Sunset house in 2015.

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