Update: Air Crash Off Creek Road

A Lookout Mountain Flight Park spokesman said Monday that reports of a plane crash off Creek Road Sunday have been greatly exaggerated.

It was an ultralight that ended up in the woods off Creek Road, said the flight park's CJ Giordano, not a hang glider but an airplane used to tow hang gliders into the sky.

And he described what happened as not so much a crash as a crash landing. The pilot had to put the plane down rather precipitately, and in an unaccustomed spot, after an engine went out, said Giordano.

Emergency services arrived, he said, but: "We were able to get the plane out ourselves after they came."

He said the plane will need some repairs but was by no means destroyed in the accident. "It looks pretty good," he said.

The incident happened shortly after 3 p.m. on Sunday. No one was injured.

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