Historically Speaking: Calendar, Courthouse and Photographs--Be Involved

The Nesbit House. See notes below.

It seems that the Historical Society has been working underground for the past few months. Illnesses, retiree schedules and working on various community projects have not allowed me the time to write, but that is not true of Linda Wilson and Joy Odom, who have written some really great articles in the last couple of months. Thanks to you ladies for your efforts.

Historical Society officers and work committee met last week to plan the calendar for the year. We expect to be busy. Our next meeting will be on Saturday, March 25, at the Dade County Library. The meeting will be at 10:30 a.m. with a genealogy workshop to follow until 1:30 p.m. You do not need to be a member to attend the workshop, but we will encourage you to join our numbers.

Speaking of membership, it is the time of year to pay dues. Please send your $10 dues to Russell Brown, Treasurer, 67 Mountain View Road, Trenton, Ga. 30752.

We also want to announce that we have Dade County ballcaps and Dade County Courthouse notecards for sale in the library and at the Dade County Commission office. Hats are $20 and 10 notecards are $15. The photo on the cards was taken on a snowy night in February 2015.

Through our genealogy workshops, we have made friends with a couple of ladies who are searching for their mother’s adoptive parents. Their mother was a child during World War II in Great Britain. Many stories have been written lately about the children who were rescued and adopted during the war in England. They have been to several of our genealogy workshops and we are fascinated each time we meet. The information that they have found is incredible. We hope to have a report on their progress on the search to find their mother’s heritage at our March 25 meeting.

Several of us have been busy working on the Courthouse renovation. The Courthouse Renovation Committee consists of County Executive Ted Rumley, Rex Blevins, Audrey Jeffrey Clark, Sarah D. Moore and me, with Don Townsend serving as clerk and general ramrod for the committee. Other commissioners are involved as well as members of the Historical Society.

Fundraising for the windows has been good. We have collected $23,000 and have promises for at least 10 more windows. We still have several windows to sell and we will continue to solicit from people in the community who would like to buy a window at $1000.

That having been said, we realize that many of you would like to be involved in our efforts, but $1000 is out of your price range. Please feel free to make contributions of any size. If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution please make your check to: Dade County Historical Society. Mail your checks to: Dade County Commission, Attention: Courthouse Project, P.O. Box 613, Trenton, Ga. 30752.

This project is a public/private venture, with tax dollars coming from local SPLOST tax. Much work has been accomplished but the project will continue for several months. The Courthouse Committee and the Historical Society would like to host a public event in the Courthouse by Christmas 2017. Cross your fingers!

Dade County Historical Society Calendar for 2017 March 25: Meeting and Genealogy Workshop, 10:30, Library June 17: Meeting and Genealogy Workshop, 10:30, TBD September 23: Business Meeting October: Cemetery Walk December 2: Meeting and Workday Winter Hike: To be announced later

(Side view of the Nesbit House)

Note: The pictures of the Nesbit House above are provided by Patsy McKaig and have been added to a historical file of photos of Dade County which is housed at the library. If you have pictures that depict Dade County (past or present), please go by the library and a staff member will scan your photos and give them back to you immediately. Photos may also be sent digitally to msharp@chrl.org . The photos may be included in a book of photographs of Dade County which is being produced as part of a grant.

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