Yet Another Principal Shakeup: DMS's Griffin Leaves Post

The latest in this year's trend of principal reshufflings was announced at Monday night's work session of the Dade County Board of Education. Superintendent of Schools Jan Harris confirmed today that Jamison Griffin, principal of Dade Middle School (pictured here giving a presentation earlier in the school year), will leave the system following the end of his contract this year.

Dr. Harris said she did not know if the principal, who she believed was in his third year at DMS--she noted he'd been hired before she came aboard herself--had another job lined up elsewhere. But she did mention he was a writer currently at work on a play about his experiences as an educator.

Dr. Harris acknowledged the upheaval of school leadership this latest change represents: With the principals of Davis Elementary and Dade High switching places for the 2017-18 school year, three of the system's four schools will have a new boss come fall. Only Tracy Blevins at Dade Elementary--which was just honored by the governor's office for continuous academic improvement--remains in situ.

"It should make for an interesting school year," said the superintendent.

She said she had already had a planning session with Griffin and that the system would advertise for a replacement later this year. "We'll have plenty of time," she said.

Griffin is not the only educator to jump ship or walk the plank, as the case may be: The board also accepted the resignations of Jennifer Jackson, director of school improvement; Davis teacher Anne Barbieri; DCHS teachers Jared Hawkins and Joshua Storey; DES/DCHS teacher Misti Carter;DES paraprofessional Gerrie Brimm; and Rebekah Comptom of the DES cafeteria.

Also announced were the retirements of Davis teachers Lynn Dobbs and Robert Gibson as well as bus driver Delores Chambers.

Rita Burgess was hired as a cafeteria substitute and Heather Crane was reclassified from a full-time parapro to a ".5," or 200-day, teacher.

The Board of Education's regular monthly meeting is at 6 p.m. next Monday, March 20, at its office in front of the high school on 136 East.

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