Dade Sheriff's Dept. Foils Wildwood Burglary; Trenton Shooting Accidental

​​The Dade County Sheriff's Department confirmed it had interrupted a burglary in progress Friday evening, catching three would-be thieves red-handed and preventing any loss of property.

Neighbors noticed what was happening and called the property owners,said Detective Barry Irwin, the owners called the law, and Dade deputies arrived on the scene in time to witness two men and a woman loading a truck with furniture, fans and pottery from a trailer home that did not belong to them, and to which they had not been invited.

The attempted robbery was at Wildridge Farm off Highway 11 in Wildwood, said the detective.

Arrested were Thomas Earl Harvey (above), 48, James Darin Sanford (right), 45, and Bridget Gail Land (below, 41, all of Dade County addresses. They were all charged with second-degree burglary. Detective Irwin believed they had all posted bond and been released.

Accidental Shooting In an unrelated incident, Trenton police and emergency vehicles responded on Saturday evening to a Smith Street address in downtown Trenton, and Trenton Police Chief Roger Castleberry confirmed there had been a shooting there. Two men were examining a gun, said Castleberry. One man was selling the weapon and the other interested in buying it. Both believed it was unloaded. It was not, and one of the men was shot in the leg.

The wounded man was taken to the hospital, said Castleberry, but he did not know the outcome. It was an accidental shooting, said the police chief, and no arrest was made.

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