Woman shot in DeKalb; men charged with rape after missing juvenile found

On Sunday, DeKalb County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a residence in Valley Head, Ala., where a woman had been shot.

Witnesses told the officers that Roy Miller Barkley III (left), 50, of Valley Head and Stacy Stone, of unknown age, were arguing. Barkley had a gun and during the confrontation the gun went off, hitting Stone. Barkley was arrested and charged with attempted murder. Stone was transported by Life Force helicopter to Erlanger Medical Center, where she remains listed in critical condition at this writing. An investigation is ongoing.

In an unrelated incident on Friday, around 10:37 p.m. DeKalb County Sheriff’s personnel got a tip from a concerned citizen about a juvenile missing person. Acting on the tip, Fyffe Police Department officers and DeKalb County Sheriff’s deputies went to a residence on Blackwell Street in Fyffe, where they found the missing juvenile.

Daniel David Wooten (right) and Michael Anthony Wooten (below) were also at the residence. Michael Anthony Wooten, 30, of Fyffe, was arrested on three counts of rape 2nd, three counts of sodomy 2nd, interference with child custody and SORNA violation. ( SORNA stands for Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act.) Daniel David Wooten, 51, also of Fyffe, was charged with rape 2nd and interference with child custody.

On Saturday, Claudio Toscano Mayoral, 30, of Albertville, was found asleep in the backseat of a vehicle at a residence. Mayoral was arrested and charged with using a false ID to obstruct justice, unlawful breaking into and entering a vehicle and criminal trespass 3rd.

In a different incident on the same date, Derek Alfred Brown, 37, of Odenville, Ala., was found in possession of a stolen 18-wheeler truck that had been reported stolen from Talladega. The Talladega Sheriff’s Department was contacted, and Brown was arrested and charged with receiving stolen property 1st and criminal trespassing 3rd.

“This has been a very busy weekend,” said DeKalb Sheriff Jimmy Harris. “Thank you to the citizens for their tips and to the police departments for their help on these arrests.”

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