Not Much Floodiing on Dade Roads

Saturday's torrential rains have swollen local waterways, and local schools delayed opening two hours this morning because of potential problems from flooding, but Dade roads boss Billy Massengale said he's seen no trouble on county roads.

"We haven't had problems with any flooding," said Massengale. "We've had a few trees down over the weekend."

Massengale said the one road closure associated with this weekend's wet weather was New Home Loop Road, where a tile, or culvert, has been sliding for some time now. "We've kept it patched ever since the flood of Christmas '15," said Massengale.

"But we've had to completely close it down at this time."

He said the road was closed Sunday.

Massengale said the county has been trying to get state and federal money for a permanent fix for New Home Loop since the Christmas flood of 2015. "It's going to be half a million dollars plus to fix this," he said.

Otherwise, said the gravely-voiced road boss, Dade roads are looking pretty good. "To my knowledge, I've not heard of any roads that have been underwater," he said.

Massengale, on his way to Chattanooga at around 10:30 a.m., said traffic was once again being allowed to proceed northward on I-59 after the interstate was closed earlier following a tractor-trailer wreck.

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