On Sunday, While Planting Cucumbers...


Dear Planet Readers:

On Sunday, while on my way down to the garden to plant cucumbers, I slipped on the rain-drenched hillside and heard a sickening noise--crack!--as my leg went one way and my foot the other. In those circumstances, my ankle had no choice but to shatter like an eggshell. I managed to crawl to the car, my husband managed to get me to the hospital, and the surgeon managed to clamp things back together, so eventually I will heal.

But for now I can't drive a car, walk or really do much of anything but lie down with my right leg elevated. I'm on powerful drugs for the post-surgical pain, which is considerable, and I've learned that I can't concentrate enough even to read. In short, I'm having to face the fact that my life is over for the next few weeks. Which means that the Planet's is, too.

I can't say how long I'll be down for the count. I'm told it will be at least six weeks before I can put weight on the ankle, but I think if I can get the mobility thing sorted out before then, and perhaps get the drugs down to a reasonable level, I may be able to resume journalisin' again. Realistically, though, the month of May is out.

Planet advertisers, you will not be charged for May. If your six-month contract was to expire, say, in August, it will now expire in September. Planet readers, check for developments in June!

I regret having to leave The Planet at this crucial time. Newspapers really do keep the world safe for democracy, and I do feel that in our particular corner of the world at this particular moment in time Dade County seriously needs a newspaper.

On the other hand, I ain't the boss here. We humans are housed in these bodies that can be so much fun when they're working properly and such a drag when they're not. We like to pretend we're their master and we're always talking about getting them into shape, making them sweat, starving them into submission. But in fact they're the ones with the whip hand, and when they make demands what can we do but accede gracefully?

I'll shut up now. I'll be back soon. But for right now, I have to go.


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