B of E Hire/Fire/Promote/Retire List

At its special called meeting this afternoon, the Dade County Board of Education accepted the resignation of Randy Watson, Dade County High School girls’ basketball coach and physical education teacher.

Also leaving will be English teacher Jessica McCole, math teacher Tisa Lindsey Green, counselor Mitizi Davenport, bus driver Cheryl Morgan, paraprofessionsals Lisa Black and Shonda Butler and cafeteria workers Kelly Clark and Amy Glass.

June McCormick, vision impaired teacher (and, incidentally former Forester Sisters singer), is retiring from the system.

PE teacher Rhonda Bradford is transferring from Dade Elementary to Davis Elementary. Special education teacher Natalie Birchett is going from Dade Middle School to Dade Elementary. Renae Powell will move from the cafeteria of Dade High to that of Dade Elementary.

Travis Johnson and Jeff Scott will be hired to teach PE/Health and social studies, respectively, at the high school. Cheryl Haynes will be counselor at DES. Stephanie Gill, Yuteva Mashburn and Starla Gross are being hired as praprofessionals at DES, Jessica Reed and Tammy Love will teach at the middle school, and Megan Dodd will be a substitute cafeteria worker.

Jessica Stanley was promoted to full-time cafeteria worker at DES.

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