Letter To The Editor: I-59 looks like wasteland


Dear Dade Planet:

Am I the only person in Dade who wonders why GDOT is cutting down all the trees along I-59 in the northern part of the county? There must be a reason, so I hope you can find out for us.

It used to be beautiful along that stretch, but now it's like a vast wasteland in places. I feel sorry for homeowners along there who used to have at least a bit of a sound and sight barrier, but now have nothing between them and the interstate.

Keep up the good work!

--Jim Sparks

Editor's Note: The Planet will be happy to inquire. Watch this space!

The Planet would also be happy to hear comments from the aforementioned north Dade residents, or from anyone else with an observation on this point. Email news@dadeplanet.com.

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