Dade Fugitive Captured in DeKalb

Craig Carrell, a fugitive wanted in connected with an incident last week in which two Dade officers were injured, was taken into custody Wednesday in DeKalb County, Ala.

Dade Sheriff Ray Cross had asked for the assistance of the U.S. Marshal's Service (USMS) after Carrell crossed the state line into Alabama. Carrell was taken to the DeKalb County jail.

Carrell fled a traffic stop on Sand Mountain in Dade on July 3, dragging a Dade deputy with his car part way and injuring the officer. Later he was stopped when another patrol car blocked his path, injuring another officer. He fled the scene on foot. A search of his vehicle uncovered methamphetamine and marijuana.

Carrell will be transported to the Dade County jail later. He faces drug and felony assault charges here.

Detective Cyndi Thurman said Thursday that the two Dade deputies are both recovering satisfactorily from their injuries, and that the department prefers not to release their names officially.

DeKalb County Sheriff Jimmy Harris's office issued a press release saying DeKalb deputies, the DeKalb County Drug Task Force and the Jackson County Drug Unit assisted the USMS with the fugitive investigation, which took them to Rainsville and other parts of DeKalb before Carrell was found on Alabama Ave. in Fort Payne.

Carrell, reports Sheriff Harris, was when arrested the passenger in a vehicle operated by female driver Jordan Karee Bradley (right), 27, of Sylvania, Ala. Ms. Bradley has also been arrested under drug charges and is currently also incarcerated in DeKalb, bail not having yet been established.

Sheriff Harris commented: “Thanks to the effort of all the agents and agencies involved and having an Investigator Hal Nash on the USMS for years we were able to assist and make this arrest without any incidents.”

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