Letter to the Editor: City Needs Boats


Letter to the Editor

Dear Planet:

Just to clarify some info here (July 12 Dade Planet article about July 10 Trenton City Commission meeting, link below), Georgia Forestry will be getting the truck we are replacing. It suits them better for what they need than it does us. The new one will be shared between the city inspections, fire department and Dade county EMA.

As for the boats [which the city recently obtained], when it has flooded in the past we have had to rescue residents who were trapped by rising flood waters at their homes. We have always had to use whatever boats we could find from other residents or the firemen that had boats. We had some old equipment sitting around that Catoosa wanted and they had boats we wanted. We were able to work out a deal (an even swap).

Jerry Henegar

Trenton Fire/Utilities Commissioner

Link to Original Article: https://www.dadeplanet.com/single-post/2017/07/12/Need-Wood-Chips-Trentons-Got-As-Mulch-As-You-Want

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