B of E Excerpt: The Planet Dogs The Superintendent's Fashion Footsteps

Here is an excerpt from The Planet's article about the Dade Board of Education's July meeting, on the principle that those too occupied to keep abreast on what Dr. Harris is doing with the school system, may in any case interest themselves in what she is wearing ...

Remember the bit in the old movies where Plain Jane Educator removes her glasses (perhaps to wipe off steam after the exertion of fleeing a slime blob, monolith monster or giant gorilla) and Lovable But Dense Action Hero John suddenly realizes: "Why, Jane, you're (dot dot dot) beautiful?" After which they walk into the sunset?

Dr. Jan Harris, Dade's superintendent of schools, made just such a transformation at Monday's B of E meeting, losin' the specs and updatin' the Look to the point that at least one nearsighted audience member wondered: "So who's Blondie Glamourpants up there, and what's she doing sitting in Dr. H's place?"

​​Thus now or never seemed the best time for a Dade Planet Fashion Board review of Dr. H's sartorial footprint since she took the helm of Dade's school system last year. (The superintendent might have opted for Never but The Planet tends to pick Now! every time.)

​At top, Dr. H addresses a Dade First meeting at the library last summer a la School Marm Basic, blue gingham dress coyly accented with a little white schmatta complete with Floppy Flower pin.

​​Above, photographer Tim Evearitt captured the Super opening a Chattanooga Lookouts game in June decked out in Le Look Sportif, basic black T carrying a subtle go education! theme for extra fashion oomph.

Finally, note the transformation from Dr. Harris's Capable Administrator motif (left, as featured in her official Dade Board of Education website photo) to, (at right) the Channelin'-Paltrow blond updo, flirty polkadots, playful earbobs and--hmm, do we recognize that Floppy Flower?--of the July 17 B of E meeting.Why, Dr. Harris, you're (dot dot dot) glamorous!​​

That's this week's fashion review from The Planet. Sorry, Dr. H, it's a slow news week!

(For board of education coverage with more pith and substance, please select main B of E article from The Planet's homepage.)

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