School Year Kicks Off Wednesday with "Institute 2017"

School starts next week for Dade County students--teachers are already at it-- and this Wednesday, Aug. 2, the Dade Board of Education kicks the year off with "Institute 2017," an 8 a.m. program at Trenton First Baptist Church. There will be speeches, songs and door prizes, plus a breakfast laid on by Chick-Fil-A, courtesy of Bank of Dade.

Dade Superintendent of Schools Jan Irons Harris (below) will speak and so will guest speaker Augie Fruechtenicht. Also on hand will ​​be Tracy Blevins, Josh Ingle, James Fahrney and Dr. Sandra Spivey, principals of Dade Elementary, Davis Elementary, Dade High and Dade Middle schools, respectively. Ingle and Fahrney are both new to their schools this year, and Dr. Spivey is brand-new to the Dade system.

An inspirational song will be offered by Preslie Tinker, and chances are strong that the DCHS alma mater will also be rendered, as the lyrics were thoughtfully provided on the program agenda. The Planet dutifully passes on verse 1, for those who otherwise might be tempted to patch in la-la-las:

On the eastern side of Trenton

Midst two mountains high

Ceasing never, lasting ever

Stands Dade County High

Trenton First Baptist is located at the south end of town on 11905 South Main. Please reserve the first couple of rows of seats for speakers as there are no chairs on the stage.

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