DeKalb Sheriff's Dept. Gets Cyber-Crime Training, Equipment

In today’s high-tech environment, our law enforcement officers face new challenges. Cyber criminals manipulate computers, cellphones and the internet to threaten our banking, financial and other critical information. All types of technologies are used to commit any and every type of crime.

To be able to help combat these crimes, the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office sent Investigator Tony Blackwell to the National Computer Forensics Institute (NCFI) for a training run by the United States Secret Service’s Criminal Investigative Division and the Alabama Office of Prosecution Services.

This Basic Computer Evidence Recovery Training is based on the Secret Service’s successful cyber investigative strategy. The intent is to combat the ever-evolving threat of cyber-crimes that we face today.

This training took five weeks to complete. The curriculum included how to recover data, pictures and deleted files from a device. This information will be used in many different offenses such as sex crimes, homicides, crimes involving young children or adults and even burglaries.

At the completion of this training, the National Computer Forensics Institute issued the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office about $35,000 worth of equipment to help conduct these investigations.

Chief Deputy Michael Edmondson commented: “These types of cyber-crimes are in our county, and now that we have the equipment and the education we will be able to be more proficient in our investigations. A lot of the cases that will be worked with this equipment will be on the sex crimes and on the sex offenders.”

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