A Traffic Light at the Center of the Universe

Just when you thought it would never happen...

As billed by roadside GDOT (Georgia Department of Transportation) signs on Highway 136 East last week, the long-heralded traffic light in front of Dade County High School began functioning on Tuesday.

This event, a consummation (as Mr. Shakespeare phrased it) devoutly to be wished, represents months and in fact years of combined efforts by Dade County's three taxing agencies, the Dade County Commission, the Dade County Board of Education and the Trenton City Commission, coordinating not just with each other but with GDOT, Georgia Power and Chattanooga electrical contractor NABCO.

The light was originally planned to begin its green-red-amber rotations last spring but heavenly bodies did not so align as to bring about that culmination. Instead, it was slated to begin working by Aug. 8, when classes resumed at the school after the summer vacation. According to County Executive Ted Rumley, the light was in fact good to go by the great day, but safety rules that required drivers to be given fair warning of its commencement delayed its maiden flash another week, until Aug. 15.

And such did, in the ripeness of time, in fact come to pass. The Planet was there to witness the grand debut on Tuesday and can attest that this miracle of rare device (as Mr. Coleridge would term it) appeared to function perfectly.

And if The Planet waxes lyrical, who could not on such a (as Mr. Carroll would call it) frabjous day?

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