Schools Will Give Away Eclipse Specs!

The Planet's State of the Eclipse article earlier today stressed the short supply--as in zero--of eclipse sunglasses for sale in Dade County. The only hope was JB's Variety Store, which was expecting a shipment in on Friday or Saturday.

But at the Dade County Board of Education's special called workshop this afternoon, Dr. Jan Harris, superintendent of schools, said the schools had over-ordered slightly when they put in their requisition for the disposable spectacles for Dade students. Each school has at least 80 or so extra pairs--about 500 in all--which they will be happy to contribute to the community, said Dr. Harris.

If you still need a pair of the specs, Dr. Harris says you can call or ask at the office of one of Dade's four schools--Davis Elementary, Dade Elementary, Dade Middle or Dade High School.

Photo: Dr. Harris tries on a pair of eclipse sunglasses.

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