Arrest Report Aug. 18-24

These are arrests reported by the Dade County Sheriff’s Department for the week of Aug. 18-24, 2017. All arrestees are innocent until proven guilty.

Aug. 18

MAY, ROBERT EDWARD, 48, of Flintstone, for Probation Violation.

REED, PAUL CURTIS, 29, of Rocky Face, Ga., for Failure to Appear-Misdemeanor.

SHAVERS, ROBERT DANIEL, 33, of Trenton, for Probation Violation.

RILEY, RANDY TAZ Jr., 23, of Trenton, for Driving while License Suspended or Revoked.

AVILA COBOS, CESAR ISAI, 20, of Birmingham, for Light-Reducing Material Affixed to Windshield, Obscured or Missing License Plates, View Obstructed (Windshield/other Windows), Speeding, Driving Without a Valid License.

Aug. 19

CANALES, MERCEDES DIAZ, 34, of Cleveland, Tenn., Driving without a Valid License (Misdemeanor), View Obstructed (Windshield/other Windows), No Insurance, Defective Tires.

PHILPOTT, BRIAN LEE, 38, of Jasper, Tenn., for Driving while License Suspended or Revoked.

LONG, MICHAEL DARYL, 30, of Spelter, W. Va., for Theft by Bringing Stolen Property into State-Felony, Driving while License Suspended or Revoked, Light-Reducing Material Affixed to Windshield.

Aug. 20

WILLYERD, SEAN DALE, 41, of Chattanooga, for Expired License Plate, No Insurance.

Aug. 23

MARSHALL, REBECCA MICHELLE, 32, of Rossville, Failure to Appear-Felony.

WHITE, CAROL RENE, 48, of Chattanooga, for Improper Lane Change/Failure to Maintain Lane, DUI-Alcohol/Controlled Substance in Blood/Urine Subject to OGCA 40-6-391(B), Possession of a Schedule IV Controlled Substance, Must Give Signal/Insufficient Use of Turn Signals, Drugs to be kept in original container-misd, Possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance.

FOSHEE, REBECCA LEANN, 33, of Trenton, for Probation Violation Misdemeanor.

Aug. 24

BURKE, RACHAEL SHARON, 32, of Chattanooga, for Contempt of Court.

VENTRO, JASON LEE, 34, of Norton, Va., for No Insurance, Concealing Identity of a Vehicle, Expired License Plate, Driving while License Suspended or Revoked, Speeding, View Obstructed (Windshield/other Windows), Working Speedometer Required.

BYERS, BETTY JOE, 55, of Wildwood, Drugs to be kept in original container-misd, Theft by Shoplifting-Misdemeanor.

MEJIA, PEDRO VICENTE, 31, of Albertville, Ala., Slower Vehicle Must Keep Right, Defective Tires, Driving Without a Valid License.

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