Trenton City Meeting Canceled

The regular September meeting of the Trenton City Commission scheduled for this evening, Monday, Sept. 11, has been canceled along with much of the ordinary life of Dade County as residents here batten down hatches for whatever tropical storm Irma has left to throw at parts this far north.

Trenton City Hall is open today but City Clerk Lucretia Houts said Mayor Alex Case (left) had sent her a message canceling tonight's meeting. Case is, in his day job, employed by the Dade County government as emergency services director, a factoid that may well figure in his decision to cancel.

Clerk Houts did not know whether Case would reschedule the city meeting or wait until October to present whatever business was on tonight's agenda. And what business that was must remain a mystery as the mayor had not provided City Hall an agenda or posted one online.

In fact, the city has no way to do so. According to The Planet's archives, the Trenton City Commission in May 2016 approved an outlay of $1848 plus a monthly fee of $60 to pay Brikwoo of Trenton to build and maintain a website for the city, but as yet the city has no such online medium for announcements such as closures and cancellations.

If the September meeting is not rescheduled, the October city meeting on Oct. 9 will be the only one before city elections on Nov. 7. On Nov. 7 there will be a city referendum on liquor by the drink to determine whether Trenton will mirror Dade County in, theoretically, allowing hard liquor as well as wine and beer in restaurants, as well as two city commission seats up for grabs.

There would have been three seats but the mayor and commission this year quietly changed the city charter eliminating the city clerk office, a move they have yet to announce to the voters.

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