Scottsboro DUI ends up careening into Trenton police car

Trenton PD car was substantially damaged by the joyrider Sunday; GPS and Sheriff's vehicles less so

A Scottsboro (Ala.) youth’s high-speed spree through Alabama and Georgia ended up in Trenton Sunday afternoon, with officers from Dade, Trenton, the Georgia State Patrol and Alabama in pursuit and three police cruisers struck before the driver was taken into custody.

At about 1 p.m. on Sunday, Dade County deputies were advised that Henagar (Ala.) Police Department officers were in pursuit of a black Nissan passenger car on Highway 301 South, headed north toward the city of Trenton. Deputies spotted the suspect vehicle traveling east on Highway 136 West at a high rate of speed and being pursued by the Georgia State Patrol.

Dade County Deputies caught up to the pursuit after the suspect vehicle struck a Trenton Police Department vehicle and was temporarily stopped close to the intersection of Highway 136 West and Main Street.

After making contact with three patrol vehicles at that intersection, the vehicle was finally disabled and the driver, Fredrick Alexander Baugh (right), 18, of Scottsboro, Ala., was taken into custody.

Sgt. Chad Payne of the Dade Sheriff’s Office said the Trenton police cruiser Baugh struck car had sustained significant damage but only minor damage had been done to the Georgia State Patrol and Dade Sheriff’s Office vehicles.

Baugh was charged with obscured or missing license plates, driving without license on person, no insurance, speeding (three counts), failure to obey traffic control device (three counts), hit and run, reckless driving, DUI (controlled substance), fleeing or attempting to elude law enforcement, driving wrong side of the road, passing within 200 feet of oncoming traffic, passing on hill or curve, improper passing, following too closely and improper lane change/failure to maintain lane.

He was taken to the Dade County jail, where he remains at this writing.

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