100-mph Chase Down I-59 Ends in Arrest of Drugstore Robber

Another high-speed chase left another Trenton police cruiser a little dented today after the Trenton officer ended the chase by disabling the perp's civic.

​A high-speed chase down Highway 136 and onto I-59 today ended in one arrest and no injuries, reports Dade County Sheriff's Office information officer Sgt. Chad Payne.

This afternoon (Tuesday, Oct. 3) at approximately 2:30 PM, reports Sgt. Payne, Dade County dispatch advised deputies to be on the lookout for a late-model black Honda Civic driven by a white male. Dispatch said the suspect vehicle had been involved in an armed robbery in Jackson County, Alabama. Dispatch also advised that the suspect vehicle had robbed a pharmacy and was potentially armed with a handgun. [Sgt. Payne later identified the drugstore as Ponder's Pharmacy in Bryant.]

A Dade County Sheriff's deputy observed the Civic traveling east on Highway 136 at the foot of Sand Mountain. Deputies advised dispatch that they possibly had the vehicle in sight and that it was entering the city of Trenton on Highway 136. Officers from the Trenton Police Department and Dade County Sheriff's Office attempted to stop the vehicle around McKaig Road and Highway 136 but the driver refused to stop. The driver instead turned onto Interstate 59 South and led the officers on a chase, exceeding 100 miles per hour, into the state of Alabama.

The driver got off at the Sulfur Springs exit in Alabama, where the Trenton PD ended the chase by disabling the Civic. [Sgt. Payne reported that the Trenton cruiser was "not bad, but it did take a little damage."

​​The driver was removed from the vehicle, then detained until Jackson County authorities arrived on the scene and took him into custody.

That driver, Michael D. Baxter, 35, of Ider, Ala., was found in possession of a loaded handgun and several large bottles of narcotics.

The chase ended safely, concluded Sgt. Payne, and thanks to all agencies involved, no one was injured. Traffic charges will be pending in Georgia for the offender in addition to any in Alabama for the alleged pharmacy robbery.

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