Central Intersection Addressed. More to Come, Says GDOT

Men in buckets! GDOT says it's making Trenton's weird central intersection friendlier to traffic and pedestrians, but for the present it's looking more peculiar than usual, with workers standing in the road or hanging above it in the air.

It's been a long time coming, but a spokesman for the Georgia Department of Transportation says GDOT, through its contractor, is turning its attention to Trenton's central intersection, the junction of highways 11 and 136 in front of the Ingle's Market.

"They have been pouring sidewalk, setting strain poles and stringing lights," emailed Mohamed Arafa, Ph.D., information officer for the GDOT's District 6 office. "Work on this intersection will ultimately result in modernizing the traffic equipment, including updated controllers, LED signal heads and pedestrian signals; improving pedestrian accommodations, including new countdown pedestrian signal, and ADA compliant wheelchair ramps; and installing new crosswalks. Upon completion, this project will improve the flow of traffic in the area and make it safer for both the traveling public and pedestrians. "

But what about straightening out the intersection itself, with its crazy dog-leg southbound? Is that coming too, as promised, in October?

Yes, said Arafa, but could not provide an ETA.

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