Tennessee Car Chase Culminates in Manhunt in Dade County

(This mugshot of Aaron J. Marshall, the suspect in the car chase and subsequent manhunt Saturday night, shows wounds he sustained jumping off a bluff on Sand Mountain to elude police.)

Sgt. Chad Payne, information officer for the Dade County Sheriff's Office, reports as follows:

On Saturday, Oct. 21, at approximately 8:30 p.m., Dade County units were advised by dispatch that the Hamilton County (Tenn.) Sheriff's Department was in pursuit of a stolen vehicle out of Bledsoe County. The vehicle was described as a gold Chevrolet Silverado Duramax, 2500 series. Dispatch advised that the pursuit was headed west on Interstate 24 toward Dade County, and Tennessee units had already attempted to "spike-strip" the vehicle [that is, use a device designed to stop cars by deflating their tires] but the suspect vehicle went around it.

Tennessee units could be heard on the radio advising that they were terminating pursuit at the Georgia state line, and that "Georgia could handle it." But no Dade County cruisers were in the area of the pursuit at the time it was ended by Tennessee.

At approximately 9:30 p.m., a Dade County lieutenant walked outside his residence and observed a vehicle in his yard in an unlit area. He ater reported that he could hear the vehicle motor turning over but not cranking. He retrieved his gun and radio and requested additional Dade County units head toward his residence on Brow Road.

The Dade County lieutenant approached the vehicle and attempted to identify the driver and find out what he was doing. The driver refused to acknowledge him and continued to try to crank the vehicle. The lieutenant identified himself and began giving commands for the driver to exit the vehicle. The driver continued to ignore the commands and a small struggle ensued.

The driver got loose and ran away on foot toward Cagle Road. Immediately after the driver fled, there were multiple deputies and police officers in the area attempting to locate the subject. Dade County's newest K9 officer, K9 Daisy, was called to the scene and assisted in attempting to locate the subject as well.

Meanwhile, it was found that the vehicle stalled in the lieutenant’s yard was the stolen truck from Bledsoe County that had been pursued by Hamilton County approximately an hour earlier. Also, there were several identifying documents left in the truck that belonged to the suspect/driver. The driver was not immediately located, but Sheriff Ray Cross kept deputies in the area throughout the night for the safety of the community.

On Sunday, Oct. 22, at approximately 6 p.m., the driver from the previous night's incident was located behind the Huddle House in the city of Trenton. He was taken into custody. The suspect, identified as Aaron J. Marshall, 34, of Huntsville, Ala., advised officers that he had jumped off the bluff the night before to evade capture. He was injured as a result of that decision, but the injuries were non-life threatening.

He was booked into the Dade County jail on charges of bringing stolen property into the state and obstruction of law enforcement officer.

There was also another vehicle theft on Highway 301 in the early hours of Sunday, Oct. 22. A suspect in that case has been captured by Dade County deputies, and the vehicle was also recovered.

Dade Sheriff Ray Cross promises that he will continue to fight auto thefts inside Dade County and bring the suspects to justice. He also stated that his "Georgia Units" were happy to handle the rest of the incident, and he feels that they handled it well. He thanks his deputies, the Trenton Police Department, our 911 Center and Dade County Emergency Management Director Alex Case for sending out a robo-call to the residents in the area of Brow Road, advising them of the situation from the night prior.

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