Dade Sheriff's Office Says "Goodbye" and "Good Boy" to K-9 Officer Ferro

The Dade County Sheriff's Department announced today that its beloved K9 officer, Ferro, had died unexpectedly.

"He was taken to the vet this morning because he wasn't acting like himself," Sgt. Chad Payne, information officer for the sheriff's office, wrote in an email. "They found that he was having some internal bleeding, and they needed to operate. He didn't make it through the operation."

K9 Ferro had been with the sheriff's office for seven years and had helped take numerous drugs and criminals off

Dade's streets.

"Words could never express the gratitude we have for his service to our community," said the sheriff's office in its release today. "Please keep K9 Ferro's handler, and family, in your thoughts and prayers."

At right, Ferro is shown with his handler, Casey York.

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