Sgt. Chad Reports: Elephants! Elephants! Elephants!

Sgt. Chad Payne, information officer for the Dade County Sheriff's Department, on Monday morning submitted this terse but titillating tidbit:

This morning, at approximately 2 a.m., Dade County units were dispatched to Interstate 24, at the Tennessee State Line, in reference to a tractor-trailer fire.

Upon the arrival of Dade County Sheriff's Office, it was found that the truck was hauling elephants. The fire was contained to the cab of the truck, but the elephants were

evacuated as a precaution.

The cause of the fire is still unknown at this time, and no persons or animals were injured. The Trenton Fire Department, with assistance from the Chattanooga Fire Department, quickly extinguished the fire.

(Photo: Generic elephant pic.)

However, the interstate was shut down for several hours.

Sgt. Chad added that he hoped Deputy Dustin Coffman, who was at the scene, got some pictures but that currently he was at home asleep. So perhaps Sgt. Payne-- and in due time, The Planet--will have some elephant pictures to pass on. "Who wouldn't snap some shots of elephants if they had the chance, right?" opined the sergeant.

Afterword: Deputy Coffman did indeed furnish a few elephant shots. You can also see some video he took on The Dade Planet's Facebook page. Here is one of Deputy Coffman's stills:

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