Dade Court Clerk Disavows Jury Summons Con

Editor's note: Elected Dade County Superior Court Clerk Kathy Page reacted today to a scam that she says is occurring across the nation, but more importantly, from her standpoint--and from The Planet's!--here in Dade. The Dade Sheriff's Office also issued a warning about this scam on Tuesday. The following is Ms. Page's own statement:

The Superior Court Clerk’s office has received reports from citizens that had received calls stating, “This is Sgt. Gary Miller with the sheriff’s office and you were sent a jury summons and did not report for jury duty.”

From the reports I received, the caller states that my office sent out 90 jury summons and only a few jurors actually reported for jury duty. He went on to say that the jury summons was sent for the October term of court. The caller actually reached relatives of the person he was trying to call. He left a telephone number for a return call.

You may also receive a text message notifying you that you missed jury duty and the recipient must call the number and pay a fine.

No one affiliated with the Dade County Superior Court Clerk’s office would contact our jurors this way. We would contact jurors via telephone, but, when we do, the respective staff members will identify themselves. Our automatic telephonic messaging system provides notices to jurors concerning status of cases and appearances. If you are asked to call the office, the telephone number will be the main Dade County Superior Court Clerk’s office number 706-657-4778.

If anyone has any questions concerning jury duty please contact me, Kathy Page, Clerk of Superior & Juvenile Court, at 706-657-4778.

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