Two Busted for Pipe Bombs, Charged with "Intent to Kill, Injure, or Intimidate...or Destroy Pub

A Trenton couple are behind bars after a traffic stop and subsequent investigation of one of their homes yielded 13 pipe bombs—but so far, police don’t know or won’t say why the two made the bombs or what they intended to do with them.

The charges they were arrested on, though, might give a hint: They include 13 counts of “possessing, transporting, receiving explosives or destructive devices with intent to kill, injure, or intimidate individuals or destroy public buildings.”

According to the official press release issued by the Dade County Sheriff’s Office this afternoon, Robert C. York (above), 56, and Teshina R. Bates (right), 36, both of Trenton, were arrested after a Georgia State Patrol trooper stopped the green Ford Ranger pickup York was driving near the Circle K gas station at Trenton’s central intersection in front of Ingle’s Market.

The trooper found three homemade explosive devices in the truck and immediately notified the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) and the Dade Sheriff’s Office, which started a joint investigation.

GBI agents spoke to York and confiscated the explosive devices in the vehicle. After briefly interviewing both subjects, police obtained a search warrant for York’s residence at 35 PeeWee Street in Trenton. During the ensuing search of the house, 10 more homemade explosive devices were located.

Sgt. Chad Payne, the sheriff’s information officer, commented: “The motivations, intentions, and/or reasons for the possession of the explosive devices, is still under investigation, and no further information on that subject will be released at this time.”

In an earlier release, the sheriff’s office added that a shotgun had been found in the pickup truck, along with “several shotgun rounds, several knives and a

realistic-looking pellet pistol.”

Sgt. Payne says a bomb "is generally a pipe, with end caps, a fuse, and packed with gunpowder. When lit, it causes an explosion that blasts the pipe, thus creating shrapnel."

Sgt. Payne says the two suspects had their first appearance with a judge this afternoon and were both denied bond. "They won't see a judge again until Dade Superior Court convenes, possibly sometime in January, unless an attorney petitions the court for a hearing sooner on their behalf," said Payne.

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