Tips from Citizens Help DeKalb Sheriff's Office Recover Stolen Vehicles, Make Drug Arrests

On Monday, Dec. 11, the DeKalb County (Ala.) Sheriff’s Office followed up on a tip about a possibly stolen U-Haul truck behind a trailer on County Road 97. When sheriff’s deputies and investigators arrived at the residence, they checked out the U-Haul’s tag and learned it had been reported stolen from a business on Highway 35 in Rainsville. The U-Haul truck was recovered and returned to the owner.

The sheriff’s office also received a tip about another vehicle in a field behind a residence between Rainsville and Sylvania. When deputies and investigators arrived, they ran the vehicle through the police computer and found it had been reported stolen two years ago from a residence in Dawson. The vehicle was also recovered.

Both of these cases are still under investigation and anyone with any information pertaining to either is asked to please call the Sheriff’s Office at (256) 845-3801.

DeKalb Sheriff Jimmy commented: “Thanks to citizens calling in these tips, we were able to recover these two stolen vehicles. We are always following up on tips that come into the office even if they are years old. Thanks to the deputies and investigators. They did a great job following up on these cases.”

Tips from citizens also helped the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office bust two Alabama men for drugs recently. Following up on tips about drug activity in the Aroney Rodentown community, deputies arrested Jason Brent Barclay (left), 44 of Boaz, and Mark Shannon Amos (below), 43, of Crossville, on charges of unlawful possession of controlled substance and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.

Chief Deputy Michael Edmondson surmised: “We cannot stress enough how these tips from concerned citizens help us in making these drug arrest. When citizens call or email in tips we will start an investigation, we may not make an arrest right away but as the investigation develops and we have enough evidence, then we can make an arrest. So please keep calling in tips and be patient because sometimes these investigations may take a little time.”

Edmonson encouraged citizens to call in tips or use the office’s website to leave tips as well as look up current inmates. That website is

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