4-Hers Learn Newton's Laws, Fry Cheerios

Dade County 4-H students traveled to Rome for Cloverleaf District Project Achievement.

We had a great time at the 4-H Cloverleaf District Project Achievement event at Georgia Highlands College in Rome on February 3. There were 10 4-H’ers competing, one Teen Leader helping and five adult leaders and volunteers judging from Dade County. Dade Middle School, Dade Elementary and Davis Elementary all had representatives competing along with over 550 other 4-H’ers from 13 counties.

Our 4th/5th grade competitors and their categories included Lexi Lawson in Team Sports, Lilah Wilson in Geology, Makaela Chance in Performing Arts Vocal, Madison Wall in Health and CarolAnn Cash in Plants, Soils and Fertilizers.

The 6th grade competitors from Dade County included Melea Floyd in Dog Care, Kylie Lawson in Outdoor Recreation, Mikayla Morgan in Performing Arts Instrumental, Molly Nestell in Performing Arts Instrumental, and Brendon Woodfin in Historic People.

Mikayla Morgan and CarolAnn Cash both placed second in their categories. Melea Floyd and Kylie Lawson both placed third in their categories. Kara Wilson helped with the games at the carnival as a Teen Leader (way to work on those volunteer hours, Kara!).

We would like to give special thanks to our volunteer judges: John Price, Jessica Reed, and Josh Boydston. Participants in Cloverleaf DPA, along with our Jr/Sr DPA competitors will enjoy a DPA Fun Day in March. There will be pizza, games, and planning for next year’s DPA competitions.

The Dade Elementary fourth grade classes learned how to lay out the triboards to display their science projects. They are ready to run trials, gather data, and begin working on their displays. Stayed tuned for the date in May when you can enjoy the science fair, where all their hard work will be displayed.

The classes also learned about Newton’s Laws of Motion. Law Number One: an object at rest wants to stay at rest, and an object in motion wants to stay in motion, until acted on by an outside force. That is why if you aren’t strapped in by a seatbelt, you continue on through the windshield of your car if your car stops suddenly. And that is why cargo in the back of your pickup truck tries to slide off the back when you first start moving: the cargo wants to stay where it is. You can ask your fourth grader about the other two laws.

The Dade County 4-H Community Club met last week. Students learned how to sew on a button. The hardest part seemed to be threading the needle. They also discussed when it is appropriate to silence your cell phone. We could all use reminders on that.

The 4-H’ers then each made their own Fried Cheerios, which involved mixing butter, Cheerios, and oregano, and successfully using a frying pan. It tasted better than it sounds.

The next Community Club meeting will be on Thursday, February 22, from 3:30-5 p.m. at the Ag Center.

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