School Bus Hits Pedestrian at Funky Junction: Victim in Critical Condition

Diane Hulgan, 70, of the Wildwood community, is in critical condition at Erlanger after being struck by a Dade County school bus at Trenton's central intersection, that of Highway 136 and Highway 11 North in front of CVS, at around 2:30 p.m. this afternoon.

Trenton Police Chief Christy Smith confirmed the victim's identity and said her relatives had been notified of the accident and were already at or on the way to the hospital at this writing.

Chief Smith said the victim had been unconscious when she was transported to the hospital. Dr. Jan Harris, superintendent of schools, said she'd just left the hospital, where Ms. Hulgan was undergoing tests. She confirmed Ms. Hulgan's condition was critical and did not believe she had regained consciousness since the accident.

Dr. Harris said the accident had happened when: "A lady walked in front of the bus as it was turning, and she hit her." She did not identify the bus driver other than the feminine pronoun. No students were on the bus at the time, she said.

She and Chief Smith both mentioned that the Georgia State Patrol is handling the accident investigation, because of the serious injury, explained Chief Smith. Dr. Harris said her office is following procedures in this case as it is required to do in any accident. The school board will obtain a copy of the accident report, and the bus driver will be duly questioned and drug tested.

But Dr. Harris said it is her belief that no one will be found to be at fault in this case. "It just appears to be a tragic accident," she said. "We are deeply sorry for the pedestrian."

The Planet will pass on more information as it becomes available.

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