Sign Up For 4-H Summer Camp!

The 4-H Science Club assembles a Lego Mindstorms robot.

All 4th-, 5th- and 6th-grade students are invited to join the fun at Rock Eagle 4–H Camp the week of June 11-15. Registration will be held on Thursday, March 1, from 5:30-6 p.m. Come to the Dade County Extension Office at 114 Pace Drive (in the lower parking lot of Dade Middle School) to fill out a registration form and make your $75 deposit. The total cost for the week is $305, which includes transportation to and from camp.

Remember you get $2 off the camp fee for every flower bulb order you sell! Flower bulb order forms will be available at registration. If you are unable to attend registration on March 1, you may come by the Ag Center any Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to noon and 1-5 p.m. Registration is first come, first served until we are full.

Georgia 4-H Cloverleaf Camp at Rock Eagle provides a week-long outdoor summer program with fun activities for the campers and hands-on workshops that make learning fun. Campers will experience a variety of activities such as archery, canoeing, swimming, hiking, crafts and plenty of indoor and outdoor recreation time. There are also workshops on conservation, entomology (insects), forestry, herpetology (snakes), lake ecology, wildlife and healthy living. You can find more information on Rock Eagle 4-H Camp at

The Arts & Crafts Club had its February meeting last week. All members received planners and learned how to decorate their calendar entries with stickers, markers, cutouts, inspirational sayings and more. It is a form of scrapbooking that you do directly in your planner, so whenever you check your calendar you get to see visual reminders of upcoming events, fun memories and goals for the year. We would like to thank Gail Hedden, one of our 4-H adult volunteers, for sharing this fun way to document our daily activities with the club.

The Science Club started assembling a Lego Mindstorms robot at its February gathering. Basil Nakhleh, one of our Teen Leaders, led the meeting and directed the other members in putting the robot together. Students learned about teamwork and following assembly instructions. Next month Basil will be instructing the group on how to program the robot to carry out different tasks.

The Dade Elementary third-grade students learned about Georgia regions and Georgia habitats last week. They looked at elevation maps and topographical maps of Georgia and noted that on both types you can easily see Sand Mountain and Lookout Mountain and our little valley in between. They talked about the Fall Line between the Piedmont region and the Coastal Plains, and how that affected where cities were built. Third graders love to share information, so they will be glad to tell you all about it.

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