Here's Who's Running for Dade Offices This Spring

Election season kicks off! Above, District 1 Commission seat candidate Lamar Lowery schmoozes at a Greater Dade Business Owners Association social at Southeast Lineman Training Center Thursday night. Also visible is Jill Schauer.

Qualifying for local elected offices in the May 22 primary elected ended at noon today. Here is the final lineup of candidates running for Dade County seats.

For the District 1, or north Dade, seat on the Dade County Commission to be left vacant by Mitchell Smith will be, running on the Republican ticket, Jane Dixon, a retired educator, and Lamar Lowery, facilities manager at Cornerstone Medical, who held the seat before Smith. Patrick Hickey, who lists himself as unemployed, will run for the seat as a Democrat.

Scottie Pittman will seek reelection for his District 2, or Sand Mountain, commission seat as a Republican. Challenging him will be Republicans Michael Scott, a retiree; Phillip Hartline, who is in construction; and Warren Johnson, a mechanic.

For Dade County Board of Education, District 1, incumbent Republican Cindy Shaw, who lists herself as a property manager, will seek to retain her seat. She is challenged by Republican Daniel Case, of Case Hardware, and Democrat Ronald Baldwin, who describes himself as unemployed.

For B of E District 2, incumbent Jennifer Hartline, a realtor, also seeks reelection on the Republican ticket. Challenging her, and also running Republican, is Larry Williams, retired.

John Deffenbaugh, Dade's voice in the Georgia House of Representatives since he first won the seat in 2012, will be challenged for it this election by Colton Moore, an auctioneer. Both are Republicans.

Candidates who have not done so are welcome to submit their announcements and photographs to The Dade Planet for publication. Email them to

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